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There are three types of licenses for IMSXpress:
  • Full User account license 
  • Read-Train User account license 
  • Train-Records-Only license 
Full User account licenses are for establishing user log-in accounts that can be configured to access any module with any combination of roles and permissions, such as System Admin, Module Admin, Edit, Sign, Authorize, Read-only, etc., as well as document editing and document viewing permissions. Anyone creating new, or editing existing documents/records; or signing documents/records for approvals/authorizations must have a Full User account. These licenses are also good for training.

Read-Train User account licenses are for establishing user log-in accounts that can access the Document Library module and the user's personal Training Center. These licenses are intended specifically for users who need to access released (active) documents, and need to access their Training Center to complete the assigned training.

Train-Records-Only licenses are for personnel who do not use computers but need to be included in the training system. These licenses provide all the benefits and automation of the training system except for the access to the Training Center (because these employees don't use computers). With Train-Records-Only licenses you can assign employees to documents and training programs, schedule their training, get notified when the training is due, sign off (certify) their training, and automatically create individual employee-specific training records. You can also certify these employees to job descriptions and positions. Train-Records-Only license cannot be used to create a log-in account.

You need a Full or Read-Train license for every person for whom you want to set up a log-in account. When you run out of licenses, the software will not let you setup any more additional accounts. It does not matter whether the users are actually accessing the system concurrently, or not -- it is not a concurrent use license. Instead, the licensing determines how many accounts you can set up on the system. You can recycle your licenses. If you no longer need an account, just delete it and the license will automatically become available for setting up a new account in its place.

All employees who need to be trained must be covered by a Full, Read-Train, or Train-Records-only license.