Editions Comparison Chart
IMSXpress ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 Software
  Users and Access        
  Multiple admin and full log-in users (3 included with purchase and SaaS subscription)    
  Set up remote access from anywhere (over internet): 
You can set up your own remote access, use our cloud-based data hosting service,
or get the on-line subscription package
  Data hosting service (cloud MS SQL Server)   Optional Optional  
  Terminal Server and Remote Desktop deployment    
  Document Distribution        
  Document folder tree menu  
  Auto generated headers/footers  
  Document attachments  
  Document viewing permissions    
  Automated document training    
  Document Control        
  Multiple revisions  
  Revision approval and release  
  Sealing of approved/released revisions  
  Revision status (Active, Draft, Archive)  
  Document reading and editing permissions    
  Automated document training    
  Revision approval request process (incl. emailing, attachments, etc.)      
  Document approval management (for Document Control admins)      
  Electronic signatures      
  ISO Modules        
  Overview and record-level reports  
  Training module and employee training accounts (training centers)    
  Electronic signatures (for approving and closing out records)      
  Data Filtering and Export        
  Data filtering    
  Data export to Excel (for charting, statistics, etc.)    
  Alerts and Notifications        
  Record status alerts (due, past-due, days left, etc.)      
  Record status reports      
  Tasking process (incl. emailing, attachments, etc.)      
  Tasking management (for module administrators)      
  Messaging and Emailing        
  Internal messaging system      
  Emailing messages to external email      
  Security, permissions and electronic signatures        
  Password security policies    
  User access, edit and read permissions    
  Prmissions management by groups      
  Electronic signatures      
  Data Import        
  Bulk import documents (into Document Control module)    
  Bulk import personnel (into Training module)    
  Bulk import suppliers (into Supplier Control module)    
  Bulk import measuring equipment (into Measuring Equipment module)  
  Bulk import operations equipment (into Preventive Maintenance module)